October 28th - 29th, 2023
Saturday 28th, 10am - 11pm
Sunday 29th, 10am - 5pm


Group of men and one boy playing a table top game in the game room at Kingcon
Snarkyjay Cosplay (Cosplayer)
Sean Shaw - Shawshank Cosplay (Cosplayer)
Dan Southworth (Actor/Voice Actor)
Harry & Gina Crosland - Bishop Cosplay (Cosplayers)
Little Boy playing a game on a giant Nintendo Nes Controller



Prepare to be amazed at KingCon 2023, where we've assembled a diverse lineup of guests, including talented illustrators, builders, makers, astrophysicists, NASA scientists, celebrities, and voice actors from your favorite shows and movies – there's truly a guest for every interest, making it an event not to be missed!

Elle Newlands (Actress / Voice Actor / Singer)
Eric Jones - Coregeek (Cosplayer)
Little Boy playing a game on a giant Nintendo Nes Controller
Teenage Boy playing video game in the game room at the convention
Sophy Wong (Cosplayer)
Little Boy playing a game on a giant Nintendo Nes Controller
VIP Party Image with hosts Andrew & Egypt, and world-renowned DJ artist Drew Hobson!


Friday, October 27th, 7pm - 11pm


Join us for an electrifying VIP party at Kingcon NW! Brace yourselves for a night filled with excitement as we present the dynamic duo of hosts, Andrew and Egypt, alongside the sensational DJ artist Drew Hobson. But that's not all! We've got a surprise comedian in store, a chance to belt out your favorite tunes with karaoke, dazzling dance moves, mind-boggling trivia contests, get a drink at the bar and have the incredible opportunity to meet our VIP guests in person.

Mark your calendars for
Friday night, from 7 pm to 11 pm, and head over to Delancey's on Third in downtown Renton for an unforgettable experience. Secure your tickets today and be part of the epic celebration!



KingCon proudly supports My Parker Project, a non-profit helping families facing childhood cancer. Our special guest, Steven C. Smith, a NASA Education Specialist, battled cancer in 2022 and is now in full remission.

To express our gratitude for all the time Steven has given us, we're offering posters and badges designed and signed by Keith Tucker, the renowned Warner Brothers' illustrator. All proceeds will benefit My Parker Project. Meet Keith Tucker, one of this year's amazing guests, at KingCon 2023 for autographs and more.

Three photos at angles, one of the logo of my parker project, a non profit helping familys with cancer, a photo of Steven C. Smith and an image of the poster designed by warner brothers illustrator keith tucker
Group of men and one boy playing a table top game in the game room at Kingcon
Teenage Boy playing video game in the game room at the convention
Two men playing magic the gathering in the game room at Kingcon
Little Boy playing a game on a giant Nintendo Nes Controller
Photo of Street Fighter 6 Characters fighting with a seperate photo of a group of the character from super smash bro's and a controler



Join us at Kingcon NW, where we're hosting a regional video game competition featuring Street Fighter 6 and Super Mario Brothers. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, you can enter the bracket for either game and showcase your skills for a chance to win exciting cash prizes. First place prize is $400.

To participate, all you need is a ticket to Kingcon, and entry to the tournament is absolutely free. Sign up below or at the door. 

The action kicks off on
Saturday, October 28th, 2023, with the Street Fighter 6 tournament, while both Smash tournaments will feature Pools and Top 8 Finals on Sunday, October 29th, 2023. Don't miss out on the gaming excitement – secure your spot by registering online or at the event with your Kingcon day-pass.

Female Cosplayer Posing in full black armer next to a dark blue and gold dragon
Winning props from prop contest. Three guns from video game.
Female Cosplayer posing for a picture in gasworks park with sword and in full leather outfit
Group of Cosplayers posing, Captain America fending off cosplay villans to save Peggy


We want to see what you can do! Show us your incredible creations, from mesmerizing costumes to awe-inspiring props that elevate the overall aesthetic. Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer seeking to exhibit your talent or a passionate illustrator eager to display your comic book illustrations, our competitions are designed to cater to individuals of all skill levels.

We welcome beginners, intermediates, experts, and masters alike, all united by their shared passion for creativity and the spirit of KingCon. If you're ready to showcase your skills and immerse yourself in the world of KingCon, sign up now to become a contestant and join the vibrant community of talented individuals.

Contests are open till October 25th, 2023 at Midnight. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Group of people cosplaying the Avengers
Cosplayer in full armor space suit with space gun
Full Scale Tauntaun from Star Wars, made for the large scale prop contest
Cosplayer in Full gold armor posing standing up with a sword in front of a building


The KingCon exhibition hall is the vibrant heart of the event, bustling with an array of vendors, artists, non-profits, and special guests, creating an immersive experience for attendees. As you wander through the hall, you'll discover an eclectic mix of vendors offering unique and collectible merchandise, from rare comic books to handcrafted cosplay accessories. Talented artists showcase their creations, providing an opportunity to purchase original artwork or even request custom pieces.

For fans seeking a personal touch, our special guests are on hand, ready to sign autographs and share insights into their creative worlds. The exhibition hall at KingCon is where passion, creativity, and fandom converge, making it a must-visit destination for all attendees.

Two photos at angles, one of the vendor hall at kingcon, the other of a vendor selling lego characters