Scientia is the realm where problems are solved, new ideas are pondered, and the secrets of the universe are sought after. Here, no rock is left unturned in the search for knowledge and wisdom. In the Realm of Scientia, the greatest minds come together to study the mysteries of the universe.

Come and interact with its citizens and learn how you can be a part of it. Take a journey into space and discover worlds unknown. Dive into the tech sciences and invent a robot of your very own. Or, perhaps you want to study the body and brain and find out how artificial intelligence will change the future. From meeting real-life scientists to discovering companies that create the virtual reality of your games, from shaking hands with a robot to creating one that saves lives, in Scientia a world of learning awaits you!

As you enter each realm, you will find vendors and artists, special realm supporting sponsors, VIP guests, hands-on exhibits and activities related to each realm.