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Renton WA  – 10/10/23

KingCon NW 2023: The Ultimate Celebration of Pop Culture, Gaming, and Art Awaits with a Star-Studded Lineup

KingCon NW, the most highly anticipated annual convention dedicated to all things pop culture, gaming, and art, is thrilled to announce its upcoming event, KingCon NW 2023. With excitement building, this year's convention promises to be a spectacular experience for fans and enthusiasts alike, featuring a remarkable lineup of special guests and creative talents.

KingCon NW 2023 is set to take place on Oct. 28th & 29th at the Renton Event Pavilion in Downtown Renton. As the premier destination for pop culture aficionados, gamers, and art enthusiasts, this year's event aims to deliver an even more exceptional and memorable experience than ever before.

Key highlights of KingCon NW 2023:

  • Supporting Local Artists: KingCon NW continues its tradition of supporting local artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their incredible talents. Attendees can look forward to discovering and acquiring unique, locally crafted artwork that captures the spirit of the Northwest.
  • Star-Studded Celebrity Guests: KingCon NW 2023 is thrilled to welcome a lineup of celebrity guests, including Martha Harms, Nicholas Roye, Dan Southworth, Jason Faunt, Jenna Frank, Elle Newlands, and Bill Rogers. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and interact with these beloved personalities from the entertainment industry.
  • Creative Talents: Get inspired by creative guests such as Coregeek, Snark Jay Cosplay, Ginoza Cosplay, Shaw Shank Props, Bishop Cosplay, Sophy Wong, and Tock Customs, who will showcase their craftsmanship and creativity through workshops and displays.
  • Illustrator Guest: KingCon NW 2023 is proud to feature renowned illustrators Justin Hunt, Keith Tucker, and Marcelo Matere. Attendees will have the chance to see their stunning artwork up close and even acquire exclusive pieces.
  • Cosplay Extravaganza: Cosplay enthusiasts can showcase their creativity and craftsmanship in a dazzling cosplay contest, with fantastic prizes up for grabs.

As anticipation grows for KingCon NW 2023, organizers are working diligently to ensure that this year's event exceeds all expectations. Tickets are on curently on sale, and further details about panel discussions, special events, and exclusive merchandise will be revealed in the coming days.

For media inquiries, interview requests, or additional information about KingCon NW 2023, please contact:

Brian Morris


About KingCon NW:

KingCon NW is an annual convention that celebrates pop culture, gaming, and art. With a strong focus on supporting local artists, providing family-friendly entertainment, and delivering diverse programming, KingCon NW has established itself as a premier event in the Northwest region, bringing together a passionate community of enthusiasts.



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